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Home Is Your Happy Place

Our Approach Fun and Simple

Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions you can make, and with so much information at your fingertips, it can get confusing. Between Mortgage Estimate Tools, friends and family advice, and Zestimates, all that data can pile up. LemonTree Realty is determined to cut through the noise. We will help you target optimal financing options, create clarity between your wants and needs, be your negotiating ninja and get you through all the hurdles of inspections, repairs, insurance and finally to closing. In other words, the date when you get the keys and you can start putting that Pinterest folder to use.

When you work with us, real estate is really easy.

Buying your home doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve helped everyone from first-timers to veteran investors. Our skill sets ensure our buyers enjoy every part of the process.


We won’t keep you in the dark. An open line of communication is paramount in making sure you get the house you want, and we excel at making this communication fun and simple.


As ninjas, our agents are skilled in the fine art of making all parties to a transaction feel as if they have won. Not only will you feel as if you won, you will.


With so much information, we will be your allies to help guide you to which option is the best for your current situation. Our office has decades of experience to draw from, and we turn that insight into something you can use: dollars saved.

We won’t just find you the house, we’ll get it for you.

You’ve stalked the open house and secretly watched it online--you know what you want. With today’s technology, you’re more likely to find your dream home online—possibly before we do—but we can help you get it. Plus, we will make the process fun and exciting. Our young, modern staff understands the importance of keeping buyers happy and informed, and being in touch with the latest tech does just that.

Let Us Help You Find Your Perfect Home