Smart Home Checklist

Buying and selling homes in todays market is different from years past. Today many homes are smart homes which include many devices that have security settings, thumb print security and many other ways of securing our homes and devices.

Often times as a seller we are used to our everyday security features and don’t often think of all the devices we may have that need to be reset for the new buyer. We have worked on putting together a Smart Home Checklist for sellers and buyers to consider when buying or selling their Orlando home.

Prior to Occupancy/Closing

Obtain inventory and documentation of fall connected devices including but not limited to manuals, vendor contacts and websites. Here is a sample list of devices that could be found in a smart home:

  1. Modems, Gateways, hubs, access points
  2. Connected access for garage, locks, gates
  3. External keypads for garage, locks, gates
  4. Thermostats, HVAC, energy systems
  5. Smart lighting systems
  6. Smoke, carbon monoxide dectors
  7. Sprinkler/irrigation systems
  8. Appliances
  9. Auto controls linked to home systems
  10. Security alarms, video monitoring system