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Before You Buy Your Next Home

Buyers ask me all the time, “Is this neighborhood safe?” That’s a question that any realtor legally just can’t answer. What one person considers safe, another may not. Instead, I always direct people to visit…

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DIY Project to add Curb Appeal

Here is a DIY project that can add tons of curb appeal to the front of your home. Plus, it costs you less then most value meals and only a few minutes of your day…

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What does it mean you’re #1 or the top agent in Orlando?

It’s a lazy Sunday and I have been putting off writing blogs for sometime. Life has become a little more chaotic since my new little bundle of joy came into town. Finding time to do…

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Choosing Your Orlando Real Estate Agent

There is a common saying in the real estate industry: “If you don’t have any friends who are agents, then you probably don’t have any friends at all.” As sad as that statement it is,…

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Zillow’s Zestimate is a Bunch of Garbage

Zillow’s Zestimate is a bunch of garbage, especially here in Orlando.  Recently, my partner and I had an out-of-state customer we had been working with for some time. They finally made their way to the…

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Renting v Buying

For young men and women living in rented houses and apartments, it’s difficult to see an end to the renting cycle. Rent is paid on time each month, but there’s no equity being gained and…

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