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The Packing District

The Packing District is set to redefine the west side of College Park at the intersection of Princeton and OBT. The PackingDistrict is a vision of the long time land holder Dr. Phillips Inc. This area will be a large scale mix-use which will include…

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Why Rent If You Can Buy

Home ownership rates are the lowest they have been in the last 50 years. Yet a large portion of Americans are still renting properties, instead of enjoying a home of their own. Consumer reports believe this is an issue because of a buyer’s lack of…

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Robert E Lee Middle School is getting a name change

Robert E Lee Middle School is getting a name change! The people of the community, students and parents have spoken and the School Board has approved a name change for our middle school. Drum roll please……it will now be named College Park Middle School. I…

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Smart Home Checklist

Buying and selling homes in todays market is different from years past. Today many homes are smart homes which include many devices that have security settings, thumb print security and many other ways of securing our homes and devices. Often times as a seller we…

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Buyer’s Agents Work for Free

In this day and age, homebuyers have access to more information than ever before. There are literally thousands of websites with every single tidbit of information that you could ever want on a house. That may lead a person to believe that they can just…

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Florida School Grades 2016

The new 2016 Florida school grades have been just been posted and I’m sad to say the results are dismal. Im astonished by how many schools have dropped a letter grade or two from the previous year. Is this drop in grade due to the…

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