Florida School Grades 2016

The new 2016 Florida school grades have been just been posted and I’m sad to say the results are dismal. Im astonished by how many schools have dropped a letter grade or two from the previous year. Is this drop in grade due to the new testing or school requirements or is this the course for Florida schools?

Seminole County has prided itself on being a A rated district but sadly their overall district grade has dropped to a B for the 2016 year, which is inline with Orange County who remains at a B. Furthermore, there is not a single district in the state of Florida that has improved their grade, they either remained or dropped a letter grade.

Want to see how your school ranked visit the School Grades report.

The decision to purchase a home is often times dependent upon schools and those school ratings, even if you don’t have kids.  How will the new rankings affect your homes value or your decision to purchase a home in a particular school zone?